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PRPL PPL was founded by Frankie Vallium and stephTheGirl in 2019. Quickly joined by guitarist Perry Winkle and vocalist/clarinetist Kiera Rae, the collective made their studio debut in 2020 with "Shrew Gentlemen;" a few months later, they regrouped to release "Janice: The Unfinished Album." in June. The lo-fi rock record highlighted poetry by Miranda Romano and Frankie Campisano, and featured frequent collaborator rapper/producer Marcus Drew. January 2021 marked the release of "Chance Encounters With Oxygen," an experimental ambient/noise album; it was accompanied by a feature-length film directed by Frankie Campisano. In February, the collective released "CARD ONE: Eat the Sun," a punk rock inspired LP, kicking off their Tarot Junction Trilogy. The roster expanded to include songwriting and instrumental contributions from singer/guitarist Amalia and visual artist Henry Fernau. Their May follow up, “Bite-Size Suicide,” is an eclectic hip-hop album, featuring the mysterious, bass-voiced Softborg. In August, their free jazz LP, “Facial Recognition” was released in tandem with a multimedia art installation of the same name spearheaded by group member Beck Simon. Their October LP, "The Last Man to Paint," is a concept album and zine about the life, death and legacy of Vincent van Gogh penned by Amalia; it also represents the fifth PRPL PPL long-player of 2021. Their eighth studio album, "Reverse Happy!" is anticipated in early 2022.


Band photos and album covers.

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A selection of tracks from each of our studio albums to date, in reverse-release order.


Washington Heights, NYC


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