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PRPL PPL was founded by Frankie Vallium and Steph Moon in 2019. Quickly joined by guitarist Perry Winkle and vocalist/clarinetist Kiera Rae, the collective made their studio debut in January 2020 with "Shrew Gentlemen," a Shakespeare soundtrack LP co-headlined by Frankie Vallium. A few months later, this arrangement regrouped to release "Janice: The Unfinished Album." in June. The lo-fi, alt-rock record highlighted poetry by Miranda Romano and Frankie Campisano, as well as guest features from rapper/producer Marcus Drew and Matthew Pop (Luv Dot Gov).

January 2021 marked the release of "Chance Encounters With Oxygen," the group’s experimental album drawing on elements of ambient, harsh noise and spoken word; it was accompanied by a feature-length film of the same name directed by Frankie Campisano. In February, the collective released "CARD ONE: Eat the Sun," a punk and garage rock inspired LP, serving as the first installment the group’s Tarot Junction Trilogy. The record’s roster expanded to include songwriting and instrumental contributions from singer/guitarist Amalia and visual artist Henry Fernau (aka Stagpower, half of psych duo Canada Dry Mouth). Their May follow up, “Bite-Size Suicide,” is an eclectic, tragicomic hip-hop collection, which marked the arrival of the mysterious, bass-voiced Soft-Borg to the collective’s ranks. In August 2021, their free jazz album, “Facial Recognition” was released in tandem with the eponymous multimedia art installation spearheaded by group member/artist Beck Simon; it comprised a bespoke zoetrope, a collaged mannequin-leg base, and headset playing the LP on an infinite loop.

founders & collaborators


Frankie Vallium




Beck Simon


Frankie Campisano
Henry Fernau

Kiera Rae

Laura Clinton

Marcus Drew 

Matthew Pop

Miranda Romano

Perry Winkle



Tim Peach

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